WOL performance

WOL performance duo. My most important collaborator in performance work is the artist Wenche Tankred, with whom I form the duo WOL. WOL works with images and sounds, with a playful intensity and openness in our collaborative improvisations. We use common everyday actions and artefacts, but we fill them with meaning and importance as were they a matter of life and death. This gives the audience a recognition of the absurdities of life, and the paradox of human brutality and beauty. We aim to create living images with multiple meanings, allowing the audience to contribute with their own interpretation.
Do visit our WOL page : www.wolart.se

Etudeinblack Skottpoesi4 EtudeTRAMA Tensta Ballong1
Ljusfest2010 WOLtarton Circumflex Gavle_webb Standing_Webb
Etyden KungKonst Fylkingfilm Klot_2 WOLontheroadA