To be a Man

To be a Man

Script: Greta Sundberg
Direction: Mattias Knave
Stage design and costume: Lovisa Johansson
Regionteatern Blekinge-Kronoberg, 2002

A few young people are drawn into the field of force around ”white power” and new Nazi deeds. The evil circle is not broken until a girl becomes the victim of the young men´s aggressions.

Stage design: The two guys in the play say that Sweden is in the middle of a war, a racial war. I built a stage design that underlines their opinion that the world is a seat of war. My “inspiration” I took from the at that time currently seen pictures of the 11th September attack. A world that had gone to pieces and where everything including the human beings was covered by dust from all the things that had been crushed.Avdelarlinjestreck2smal2