Room with sun

Room with sun

Script: Peter Asmussen
Direction: Mattias Knave
Stage design and costume: Lovisa Johansson
Stockholms Stadsteater, 1999

Three stories were played in the same room within a range of a hundred years: In the first a man gives the house to his daughter-in-law as a payment for her going to bed with him. But she takes revenge on him – she goes to pieces. In the second a woman is abandoned by her husband. A stranger comes in to her in her night of despair and gives her the strength back. Her husband and his new love come to fetch the last things. They should have let them be. In the third story a man is lying at death´s door . His daughter and his son come to his death-bed both longing to get close to him. But he has more important things on his mind.

Stage design: The room itself is in one way the main character. It is all the time one and the same, a silent witness to what happens in there during the different time periods. I wanted to make a strikingly beautiful frame which through the contrast would underline the frightening effects of the stories. A light wooden floor, seemingly hanging free in four thin wires. Two barred doors from last century. In the back drop and at the sides white fabric, tightly stretched. The back drop walls are coloured by the light, all the time changing. The light at the play-ground – white as strong sun light. Also the clothes are all white but in style according to the time époque.Avdelarlinjestreck2smal2