Plutôt la vie

Plutôt la vie
Concept, idea, choreography: Lena Josefsson
Stage design: Lovisa Johansson. Dansens Hus, Stockholm, 2008

To heavily pulsating rhythms, powerful sounds and delicate strings we are entering a suggestive world in the border land between dream and reality, death and life. With ten handpicked dancers from Asia, Africa and Sweden a bridge is built between sheer extremes. An honest, serious, pleasurable piece of art filled with sensuality, suffering and passion but also liberating humour. The very title ”Plutôt la vie” (Rather Life) points at a border – an active choice.

Stage design: The stage design of the first act consists of three 4.5 m high walls of a lamellar curtain. The lamellar can be closed – then the curtains become a white back drop- or be opened – then they become transparent with thin white stripes against the black surface behind. The walls are divided into sections that can be opened and closed separately. People and things can appear and disappear anywhere through the walls. The stage design for the second act is a huge hand frosted plastic back drop which divides the stage into a front part where everything is seen with sharp edges and a back part where everything is dreamy with soft, imprecise contours.Avdelarlinjestreck2smal2