The Untouchable

The Untouchable

Script: Daniel Karlsson
Direction: Olof Hansson
Stage design: Lovisa Johansson
Ung scen öst (”Young Stage East”) , Linköping, 2002

The Untouchable is about a few youngsters in a Swedish town. They dream away from the coldness and weariness and secretly share the feeling of being at one time chosen and a failure.

Stage design: The centre in the stage design was an open desolate space covered with concrete paving. This “square” was flanked by two places which were in strong opposition to one another. On one side there was the grey school corridor with an eternal row of repositories (literally eternal since it ended in mirrors on both sides). On the other side there was a one-room flat belonging to one of the girls: a warmly red, anarchistic room for creativity and search of identity. Avdelarlinjestreck2smal2