In the name of the team

In the name of the team.

Manuscript: Greta Sundberg/Anders Hasselgren/Peter Barlach/Klara Grede
Direction: Mattias Knave
Stage design and costume: Lovisa Johansson
Sörmlands Music and Theatre, 2003

“ The mob is a peculiar phenomenon. It consists of a gang of heterogeneous elements unknown to one another, but in the instant when a spark of passion comes out of any of the elements, the whole mass is electrified and a sudden reorganization takes place, which spreads spontaneously. The disconnected then become connected, the roar comes from one united voice and the thousands of people gathered become transformed to one animal, a nameless monster. These human beings may have gathered for mere curiosity but the boiling fever has soon reached everybody and the madness breaks out.” Gabriel Tarde:The philosophy of punishment, 1912.

Stage design: The stage design consists of a concrete platform and a white round horizon. The upper part of the platform is composed of two turn able and push able sections which can form a lot of different grounds for the play. The colour of the team is exposed widely in flags, projections and supporter dresses. The four parallel stories are clearly differentiated in the specific dress codes and colour scales.Avdelarlinjestreck2smal2