A small performance about football

A small performance about football

Idea and direction: Minna Vaikinen
Stage design and costume: Lovisa Johansson
Actors: Douglas Magnusson, Linda Petersson, Victor Rubilar.
Riksteatern, 2004-2005

Three football loving children play in a place where they are not allowed to be. A grey, tedious back yard which by the children is transformed into a multitude of colours, glitter and glamour. An ordinary day in the life of the football lovers, in prosperity and adversity, spiced with acrobatics, juggling, music and song. It is a physical, imaginative and comic performance about football and life with a lot of music.

Stage design: Where is it most fun to play? Where you are not allowed to be. The children play on “Prohibited ground” and change it to “Our ground”. The grey concrete is transformed through the children games into a colourful place by means of hatches, doors, boxes, textiles etc which show their colourful surfaces. When the children leave the place the circle is closed and everything looks as grey as it was in the beginning.Avdelarlinjestreck2smal2