Distant land

Distant land

Choreography: Andromachi Lindahl
Stage design and costume: Lovisa Johansson
Dansens hus in Stockholm and Megaron Musicis in Athens, 2001

The title refers to the land of memory and the bye gone. The dance production starts in the childhood memories and the home land Greece of the choreographer but developed during the process to touch the wider concept of time and existence.

Stage design: The stage design consisted of video projections which covered the full back drop, and three white chairs, two big and one small. The first video part was a black and white still movie where associated motives and abstract pictures were exchanged in a partly soft, partly rhythmic tempo. The dancers were dressed in grey. The second part was a red movie, abstract and erotic. The dancers were dressed in red and black.Avdelarlinjestreck2smal2