Carmina Mecanica

Carmina Mecanica – en trasmatta från Teater Sláva

Carmina Mecanica – a rag-rug from Theatre Sláva
Direction and adaption: Tom Fjordefalk, Stage design: Lovisa Johansson, Actors: Viktoria Siwek, Maria af Klintberg, Lova Eriksson, Elin Tisell, Daniel Rudholm, Daniel Carlsson, Mikael Öberg, Lars Brinck, Teater Sláva, 2010.

“ What can we do with a loom? A beautiful concert performance with the renaissance idea about the human being as body, genius, artist and individual. The renaissance époque. Can we be changed, can we change? Can we pull ourselves up from the eternal sour dough of power and powerlessness? Is it for ever so? Or is it only Love that is everlasting? Come with us on our walk through life! A parti-coloured flow of renaissance music, popular sacred and newly composed music. A machinery of wood – an aeroplane and a bed for birth, love-making or sleep.” Tom Fjordefalk
Stage design: The back of the stage is creased as bark or old turtle skin. The wood of the loom has aged. In contrast to this there are bright red petrol drums, plastic funnels and shining mirrors. The loom is the basic metaphor; warp, weft, rag-rug, web. But everything is also a construction-kit, mechanics and playful transformation. A collage of matter which constantly changes.