That´s how it goes

“På Den Vägen Är Det” (That´s how it goes) was a changing installation in the inner city of Stockholm 1998. The project ended with an opening by foot in the gravel store of the Hammarby Harbour.

Chairs were put two by two in different locations in Stockholm. Their placement becomes metaphors for human relations. The different city spaces have different atmosphere and possibilities and this decide how the relation between the chairs will be formed. It may be shivering love-affairs, wedding photos or divorce sceneries. The site-specific sceneries were photographed and the photos were shown in the gravel store in the Hammarby harbour. The visitors come to the place by bus and are joined together two by two with freestyle and two earphones per couple. It is late in the evening and the audience has to crawl into the area through a hole in the fence. In front of them appears a suggestive landscape built up by sand, gravel and pictures. It is lit up by sun dawn and construction projectors. In the ear phones they can hear a sound art piece composed of the stories about how different couples found one another. In the water outside a couple of chairs float peacefully.Avdelarlinjestreck2smal2