Exsaltorium was shown at Skulpturens Hus in Stockholm 2005.

Exsaltorium is a sculpture which develops with time.

Nine containers in human size made of Plexiglass, filled with fine domestic salt, are hanging from the ceiling in the big hall of Skulpturens Hus. From holes in the bottom of the containers salt pours as white lines through the air. On the floor transparent cones are standing and spreading the salt in wide circles. When the salt hits the cones a sound is produced which is very similar to summer rain. The rain increases and diminishes in power. This movement is created with the help of motorized hatches, steered from a central Basic Stamp module. The containers are successively refilled with fresh salt.

In Exsaltorium gravitation, chance and the feet of the spectators are co-creators to the white landscape that continuously forms and grows. The work is a question to which the answer changes constantly.