Jumping Lullaby

Jumping Lullaby

Jumping Lullaby was shown in the exhibition New Maternalisms, curated by Natalie Loveless, produced by FADO performance art centre in Toronto.

Point of departure for the performance is this memory:
My daughter is crying. She is crying, crying and crying. It´s almost two in the morning, but she can’t find sleep. I feel the scream in my body. Her despair is my desperation: go to sleep now, go to sleep, go to sleep! The only one who can help her is me, and the only thing that helps is to jump up and down -jump and sing -sing and jump. Sometimes a couple of minutes are enough; more often it takes hours. The time felt is without end, a session of singing and jumping stretched into eternity.

Sometimes I see myself in the eyes of a stranger passing my window. – The image of a half-crazed woman jumping up and down, shouting lullabies in the middle of the night…
But eventually the child does goes to sleep, her body calming down against mine. Warm, heavy and quiet after the battle she sleeps. A while ago I was almost crying myself, on the verge of losing my composure, to start screaming and throw her away from me. But I did not do that. I jumped and sang, sang and jumped, and eventually she fell asleep.
Happiness wells up, and love. She lives and sleeps here with me, my beloved daughter.

In Jumping Lullaby the screams are coming from 24 alarm clock´s that I am singing lullabys for trying to make them come to rest.

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